Polycrystalline Solar Panels for Solar Distributors

Polycrystalline Solar Panels are a High module conversion efficiency panel that has low degradation and excellent performance with a robust aluminum frame to withstand wind and snow. Polycrystalline Solar Panels are manufactured to military standards and have an internationally recognised quality assurance system in place.
solar panel

AS-310W Polycrystalline Solar Panel

  • High module conversion effeciency up to 17.52% using high effecient solar cells
  • Low degradation and excellent performance under high temperature
    and low light conditions
  • Robusat aluminum frame ensures the modules to withstand wind
    loads up to 2400Pa and snow loads up to 5400Pa
  • High reliabiliaty againest extreme environmental conditions
  • Potentiail induced degradation (PID) resisance
  • Positive power tolerance of 0 ~ +3% and a 12 years product warranty