Solar Ceiling Fans

Product description

A remote control solar dc motor ceiling fan with light It is a solar dc ceiling fan with light for both cooling & lighting purpose; Driven by high quality brushless dc motor, ensuring high efficiency & long lifespan; 5 variable speeds with remote control, providing natural cool soft wind by nature’s free solar energy.

Designed with hybrid power supply system for all day running It is a all day running dc ceiling fan hybrids work with solar energy and grid power / battery power, allowing savings of up to 90%, coming as a super energy saving and latest environmental device.

Make automatic interaction to backup power Equipped with smart controller inside, this solar ceiling fan with adapter / battery system always gives priority to utilise energy from solar panel to power the ceiling fan in sunny daytime, while makes automatic interaction to electrical supply / battery backup when sunlight is weak or at night.


Key features

- 0 electrical cost for over 25 years
- Non-stop working 24 hours all day long
- 2 optional running modes for all year use
- ¼ energy consumption compared to ordinary electric fan
- Smart switch to 2 alternative power, no manual operation
- Top-grade brushless DC motor with over 10 years design lifespan

Solar Ceiling Fans

The solar ceiling fan is both for residential and commercial use, providing natural free cooling in dinning room, living room, courtyard, garage, basement, factory, warehouse, canteen, supermarket, coffee shop, meeting room... It is a super energy efficient & cost-effective ceiling fan, recovering your investment with the generated savings!

Solar Industrial Wall Fan

Direct drive, No belt pulley No maintenance, No electricity bill Get product cost refund within 3 years ½ energy consumption than normal fan 36V low voltage input / output for better safety Easy-operate pure DC solar system without inverting Strong fan heart, the unique waterproof DC brushless motor Smart controller switch backup energy in when sunlight is weak

Solar Powered Industrial Wall Fan

Solar Ceiling Air Exhaust Fan Blower

- Strengthen air circulation
- Remove heat, moisture, dust & Deduct harmful mildews
- Solar powered, environmental friendly
- Once Pay, Benefit Long
- Can add AC/DC Power Adaptor to fulfil solar products working 24 hours
- Can add Battery to support the solar fans running day & night nonstop

Solar Ceiling Air Exhaust Fan Blower

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